Nethauler HLT 850/350

The classic Tarbensen nethaulers, with its red belt and reel which together create traction, are well known in most of northern Europes fishing ports.

In our new model 850/350 we removed the belt, and the traction is created by a device which is mounted on the side of the machine. A drum, four rolls and a small belt generate the traction. Thereby fish can not get caught between the belt and drum.

This machine was developed because many of our clients asked for a nethauler that damages less fish, especially sole.

With this new nethauler you achieve both an environmentally and economically gain. Here and now - and of course in the long run. Results from the vessels that use this nethauler are more than promising.

Technical data

Drum:850 x 350 mm
Belt:100 x 2500 mm
Oil:Q 80 L
Pressure:190 Bar
Weight:645 kg

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